As a visual journalist,

I create visual stories through innovative design, graphics and interactive tools. The exploration and craft of distinctive digital narratives is my daily challenge.

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Latest visual stories and highlighted projects
This is How the Undocumented Immigrant Population in the US is Changing
Discover how unauthorized immigration has been transforming for over 30 years.
Visual Story • Concept • Data Analysis • Graphics • Reporting
The Oldest Senate in History: Two-Thirds of its Members Surpass Retirement Age
The chamber grapples with significant aging, as two-thirds of members are at least 62 years old. This raises questions about generational representation and political dynamic changes
Visual Story • Concept • Graphics • Information Design
Guide to the Trials Against Trump: his Cases as President, Businessman, or Citizen
We explore the legal proceedings that Donald Trump is facing: a detailed explanation of the processes shaping the legal agenda of the former president
Concept • Information Design • Visual Storytelling
★ Society for News Design (SND) award
Biden vs. Trump, who is ahead in the polls?
Despite being involved in several criminal proceedings, Donald Trump is slightly leading in the presidential polls against Joe Biden in a tightly contested electoral race
Visual Story • Concept • Writing • Design
Where Do Your Taxes Go?
We are obligated to allocate a portion of our income to federal taxes. Discover here where each dollar of your taxes ends up
Visual Story • Concept • Graphics • Information Design
Visual explanation: This is how the Dali cargo collapsed the Baltimore bridge
A cargo ship collided with the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge, resulting in its subsequent collapse
Visual Story • Concept • Graphics
In maps and images: where and how Israel has struck Gaza
Aerial images depict the effects of Israeli airstrikes on buildings in the Gaza Strip, providing a before-and-after view of the situation
Visual Story • Concept • Maps • Reporting
Primary election calendar for the 2024 United States presidential elections
These are the key dates and events that will determine the Democratic and Republican candidates who will compete for the White House in November
Concept • Information Design
This is how the polls are going: Trump and the other Republicans seeking to challenge Biden
Several Republicans are competing with former President Donald Trump in the race for the GOP presidential nomination
Concept • Information Design • Graphics
Mapping the Turmoil in the Middle East
The war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, with more than 24,000 dead, Israelis kidnapped, and countless material damages, has unleashed old and new tensions throughout the region
Visual Story • Concept • Maps
What do Spanish presidents talk about when they visit the White House?
We explore diplomatic talks between Spanish and U.S. leaders: from Suárez and Carter to Sánchez and Biden
Visual Story • Concept • Research • Data Analysis • Graphics
The 'yes means yes' law explained in a visual diagram
A graphical summary of legislative modifications and the cases in which penalties are reduced or extended
Concept • Graphics
A Government of Spain user-friendly website for comprehensive COVID-19 vaccine info
Project Management • User-Centered Design • Concept • Editing • Graphics
Renovating the official website of the President of the Government and Council of Ministers to prioritize citizen needs
Project Management • User-Centered Design • Innovative formats • Branding • Typography
Unifying ministry website headers to ensure a clear and official appearance and legibility on mobile devices
Project Management • Design guidelines • Implementation support • Quality checks
Simplifying intricate information to enhance funding access for citizens and businesses
Project Management • Concept • User-Centered Design • Editing • Graphics
Vaping, ‘juuling’: the new addiction that your kids say is 'cool'
A habit that’s putting at risk millions of youth in the United States
Visual Story • Concept • Research • Graphics • 3D
★ Society for News Design (SND) award
Days over 100°F to become more common across US, Hispanics more exposed to 'killer' heat
A report warns heat waves will become more frequent nationwide if decisive action is not taken to mitigate climate change
Interactive • Concept • Research • Data Analysis • Graphics
Can any of the Democrats beat Trump? Choose a candidate to find out if he or she can win the election
See through the polls who are the favorites for the presidential nomination among the Democrats
Interactive • Visual Storytelling • Graphics • HTML & CSS
The Celebrity Baby Name Effect: how famous people choose children’s names in the USA
Thousands of parents in the US follow the example of their favorite celebrities and they give their infants the same names they use for their children
Visual Story • Concept • Research • Data Analysis • Design • HTML & CSS • Graphics
★ ÑH Society for News Design (SND) award
Male, white and lone wolf: these are the most frequent features of school shooters
Univision News analyzed attacks of this type since the Columbine massacre in 1999
Visual Story • Concept • Graphics • Illustrator
Counting the times Democratic candidates attacked Trump in the third Democratic debate
When it comes to criticizing Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren seemed to change strategy for the debate
Interactive • Concept • Data Analysis • Graphics • Design
Massive fires in California: why is an electricity company in bankruptcy under the public eye again?
Pacific Gas & Electric, California main electricity supplier, investigates a fault in one of its towers that may be linked to the Kincade fire
Visual Story • Concept • Research • Data Analysis • Graphics
The Democrats leading the battle to face Donald Trump
See which candidate leads the polls today, how much money each one has raised and the amount of support they have received from other leaders of their party
Interactive • Concept • Graphics • Design
Democratic candidates respond on their immigration plans
Univision News asked the 23 declared candidates for the presidency what actions they would take on immigration if they enter the White House in 2020
Interactive • Concept • Graphics • Design
Polls: Harris and Castro rise among Hispanics after the first democratic debate
After the first presidential debate Kamala Harris now stands as the current favorite among Hispanics eligible to vote in the primary elections
Data Analysis • Graphics
How the flames devoured the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris
The temple was in the midst of repair work when a raging fire broke out for hours threatened to reduce the temple to ashes
Visual Story • Concept • Graphics
This Is How Yolanda Saldivar Killed Selena Quintanilla
The singer was murdered, shot in the back, by a friend she was trying to help out
Visual Reconstruction • Concept • Design • HTML & CSS • Graphics
Find out if your marriage is like everyone else’s (and if you are at risk for divorce)
Discover the commonalities between your marriage and other married couples in the US, as well as identify key factors that may contribute to divorce
Interactive • Concept • Research • Design • HTML & CSS
Meghan Markle’s complete lookbook
Style as Meghan was designed to empower consumers with verified insight into the Duchess of Sussex's wardrobe and styling choices
Product Design • ConceptResearch • Database • Design • HTML & CSS • Graphics
This is how Meghan looks with the bridal gowns of Kate, Letizia and other royal highnesses
We had Meghan Markle try on some wedding dresses – who wouldn’t like to see that? Take a look at how the most famous designs of royalty fit on her
Interactive • Concept • Design • Photoshop • HTML & CSS
We broke down the most fashion-conscious princess (literally) and discovered the secrets of her style
After analyzing the style choices of Eugenie of York in hundreds of public appearances, we teased out the elements defining her extravagant look
Interactive • Concept • Design • Photoshop • HTML & CSS
Trump's cabinet is far from reflecting the racial diversity of the United States
The cabinet has no Hispanics, the biggest minority in the United States
Visual Story • Concept • Data Analysis • Design • Illustrator
Graphic reconstruction of the murder of businessman Isaías Gómez
After analyzing the style choices of Eugenie of York in hundreds of public appearances, we teased out the elements defining her extravagant look
Visual Story • Concept • Research • Design • HTML & CSS • Illustrator
British Royal Family Tree: an Interactive Line of Succession to the British Throne
See the complete British Royal family tree and find out the order in which members of the royal family are in line to the British throne
Concept • Design • HTML & CSS
This is the price paid by fans for taking a picture with their idols
How much are fans willing to pay to share a few minutes with their favorite artist?
Concept • Reporting • Design • HTML & CSS
The United States: a team of 12 nationalities
Discover the nationalities of the squad headed by German coach Jurgen Klinsmann. On the team, 17 of the 23 players have two passports
Concept • Research • Design • HTML & CSS
The expensive garden look of Melania Trump
The first lady participated in the traditional ceremony in the White House wearing a glamorous look with some very high stilettos
Concept • Design • HTML & CSS
Interactive: all Jennifer López's 32 years of sweethearts
Over the last three decades, eight men have found a place in the heart of the 'Diva from the Bronx
Concept • Data • Design • HTML & CSS
Would you pass a driving test today?
Have a try with this quiz to see if you are able to pass the test and get your driver’s license again
Engaging formats • Concept • Design • HTML & CSS
How to make the Dele Alli challenge step by step
The challenge began when Tottenham midfielder, Dele Alli, made this curious gesture to celebrate a goal.
Concept • Reporting • Design • HTML & CSS • Illustrator
“Juanjuan”, that's how 'Despacito' sounds in Chinese, see how it changed completely the lyrics you knew
'Despacito' is said in Mandarin 'Huan huan'. We show you how Luis Fonsi's song changed for China and other countries in the Asian market
Visual Story • Concept • Design • Illustrator